Have you ever been to Walt Disney World?  What about that popular fast food restaurant that’s known for selling chicken sandwiches? How did they make you feel as a customer?

At an early age I remember being greeted and served with pleasure.  I never felt like it was an inconvenience iif I changed my mind about an items from the food cart at Disney or added an ice cream cone to my order at the window while visiting Chik fil A.

Sure, I can have cheaper fast food somewhere else or entertain myself for a lot cheaper than a ticket to Disney World.

I’d rather pay a premium price every time to experience customer services

When creating my business I knew immediately that I wanted to recreate that feeling I felt as a young girl for every client that came through my digital doors. I wanted to make sure my clients felt special.

I set out to turn client projects into experiences.

What Is A Client Experience?

A client experience is how you make prospects and clients feel from the moment they land on your website or come across you on a social media. The experience could last years after the initial project was completed.

Ensure your website copy portrays a message that invites prospects to contact you for a consultation, reply to your blog post or even ask you a question?  

Setting Client Expectations

At the start of a working relationship it’s extremely important to outline your offerings, business practices, terms of service, communication methods, and timelines. This leads to clear communication with clients and guards against miscommunication about project details and missed deadlines.

Share the parameters of a project and set expectations for your working relationship with your clients. They may have overlooked your clause about a 24 hour email response time in your contract.

Providing A Client Experience Timeline

Break down the process in which you provided your service by going into detail about what each step looks like and what’s expected of both parties.

I have a client that’s  a newborn photographer. Her name is Katy and she offers maternity and newborn photography sessions. . Her client experience timeline starts during the 7th month of pregnancy and lasts up until 1 week after the baby is born

During that time frame, Katy does a maternity shoot for mom to be and grants access to a photo gallery three weeks later.  Shortly after that Katy provides another photo shoot for the new bundle of joy followed by access to a new photo gallery.

During the downtime between granting access to the maternity photos and waiting for the baby to be born, I recommended Katy sends the mother to be an unexpected yet, thoughtful gift.

Talk about creating an unforgettable experience!

That mother to be thought she just hired a photographer she saw on Instagram who took great photos.  She had no idea Katy would turn her client project into an unforgettable experience.

Are you maximizing the use of your client relationship management {CRM} software.  Maybe you’re using a business management software? Software such as Infusionsoft and Dubsado is your foundation to creating an unforgettable client experience.

Looking for done-for-you service? Get help with your client management process including qualifying leads, automating onboarding/off-boarding, and setting expectations.