Remember that time when you signed up for a freebie and the opening line to the welcome email read “Hey {name}”?

The business owner or blogger didn’t take the time to ensure you had a proper greeting once you gave them your most prized digital possession; your email address.

Ouch. Talk about butthurt.

Most all online entrepreneurs use some sort of customer relationship management {CRM} software or a powerful business management software to manage the interactions with their prospects and clients.

Popular CRMs include Infusionsoft and Active Campaign.  Business management software favorites are Dubsado and Honeybook.

Maximizing your current software when onboarding new clients requires efficient workflows inclusive of automations to deliver valuable assets to your clients amongst other things. Without the proper set up, you may find that your client management process is ineffective.


Back in the day, what we now know as workflows used to be called processes. They are a sequence of steps taken to carry out a task.  We’re talking from initiation to completion.

These blueprints serve as a guide to train your team or as a tool to set up software automations.

I design workflows that start with lead capture and continues throughout the client journey which typically ends after requesting referrals.

Canned Emails

Strategically placed within workflows are canned emails that provide important information to the clients. These emails can be automatically sent out at certain intervals during the client journey or they can be stored within your software and simply copied and pasted into an email to your client.

Photographers may use canned emails to give updates on the progress of edited photos to an anxious bride.  Consultants may send a canned email to inform a client that there’s an important document in the client portal that needs attention.


All CRM and business management software have automation capabilities. It’s the foundation of creating seamless workflows.

Setting up workflow automations allow you automate frequently recurring tasks within your business processes. The automations are based on rules and logic designed by the person who set them up.

If you’ve been in this industry long enough, you’ve  lost a prospect because you were unavailable to respond to an inquiry for your services fast enough.  It has happened to all of us.

Automations allow you to meet customer demands faster which ultimately moves the needle on your bank account in a positive direction.

Start maximizing the use of your CRM or business management software.  Create effective workflows for onboarding clients with the use of canned emails and automations.

Looking for done-for-you service? Get help with your client management process including onboarding/off-boarding, client communication and setting expectations.